Virginia Pro Roofing is the pinnacle of the residential roofing and offers exceptional products, service, and installation practices. It’s our sincere goal to provide each homeowner with as much information as possible to make an informed decision regarding their project, and to provide exceptional service in delivering on our promises. Our company is family owned, locally operated and our team of professional roofers complete every residential roofing job with the exact same attention to quality and craftsmanship.

 Whether your home is getting older and needs a Roof Replacement or if there was recently bad weather in your neighborhood and you need a proffesional to assess damage that may have arose, we can help. At Virginia Pro Roofing we can assist with the Insurance Claims process. Let us explain the reasons you should not fall victim to the “Get a Free Roof” process and guide you through the proper insurance claim procedures. There are many common misconceptions that can lead homeowners in the wrong direction while going through the claims process. We offer a free consultation regarding your claim.

As a professional roofing contractor, Virginia Pro Roofing has the expertise and tools to ensure your residential roofing project is completed on time, within budget, and meets your expectations. Our crew of diligent, hard working roofers finish every residential roofing project with precision and ease, which has lead to us acquiring quite the large satisfied base of residential clients in the Nothern Virginia area. Our residential roofing contractors take pride in their work, and it shows in the quality of the roofing services we provide homeowners. Whether you need new roof installation for that metal roof you've been considering, a complete tear off and roof replacement, re-roofing of roofing shingles, roof repairs for tile roofs and more, Virginia Pro Roofing is the residential roofing contractor you can count on to get the job done with long lasting, top quality results! Call us today to request a free estimate for your residential roofing project.

Providing New Residential Roofs, Roof Replacements, Repairs & More
The roof system is a vital aspect of any home. It provides protection for your entire home and family, so you need ensure that the proper materials, components, and application practices are employed in its repair and replacement. Virginia Pro Roofing utilizes the highest quality materials and best roofing practices with every residential roofing project.

With differing types of roof systems and the complexity of each individual structure, it takes an expert to determine which is the best fit for your home. The processionals at Virginia Pro Roofing are here to help make this decision easier. In addition to these roofing services, we are also proud to offer quality gutter services for your roofing systems.

There are two types of metal roofing products: panels and shingles. Apart from metal roofing’s longevity, metal shingles are relatively lightweight, have a greater resistance to adverse weather, and can meet specific aesthetic and design goals.
Asphalt Shingles
The most common shingle used in the U.S. These shingles can be reinforced with organic or fiberglass materials. Although asphalt shingles reinforced with organic felts have been around much longer, fiberglass-reinforced products now dominate the market.
Tile (Clay or Concrete)
 Tile is a durable roofing material with many different styles, colors, and finishes. Tile Systems are designed to meet certain aesthetic and design styles, and are heavy compared to other residential roofing systems. If you are replacing another type of roof system with tile, you will need to verify that the current roof structure can support the heavier load.
Wood Shingles and Shakes
Wood shingles and shake shingles are made from cedar, redwood, southern pine and other wood types. Wood shingles are machine sawn; shakes are handmade and rougher looking. A point to consider: Some local building codes limit the use of wood shingles and shakes because of concerns about fire resistance.
Your  home is likely your most significant investment, one that shields your loved ones, pets, belongings, and property itself from harm. At Virginia Pro Roofing, we understand the importance of your  home, we also know that no two homes are exactly alike, which is why our roofers are qualified to work on a wide variety of roofing systems. If you’re looking for Virginias premier roofing contractor, look no further than the professional roofers at
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